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Find the best cancer care that will cost your employees less

Cancer care in the U.S. is in crisis.

Too often, patients, families, and employers are faced with an overwhelming financial burden because of inconsistent cancer care. And when national treatment standards aren’t followed, it can lead to unnecessary tests, procedures, and expenses for patients.

But there is good news.

Health insurers and health care providers have joined forces to develop better care models based on national best-practice data. New evidence-based cancer treatment plans can lower costs by up to 35% for some cancers with the same, or better, results1.

Our e-book guides you through the features that offer the best care experience for your employees with reduced overall costs.

We cover:

  • How access to the right cancer care can lower long-term health care costs
  • How data-driven treatment plans can improve patient care
  • How your employees can get the best care experience and the best outcomes
  • Factors to consider when choosing a health insurer

Read our Solving the Cancer Crisis e-book to find out how to keep your employees healthier and save.

1Oncology Times: First Published Cost-Effectiveness Study of Evidence-Based Clinical Pathways Documents 35% Lower Costs with No Differences in Survival. March 10, 2010. Volume 32, Issue 5.