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Online Tools Make it Easy to Learn and Save

Top Ten Reasons Your Employees Should Use Their Member Website

We all know that health insurance can be incredibly confusing. That’s why most insurance companies provide useful online tools and resources to help members better understand their coverage and become more informed health care consumers.

When members register on their insurer’s website, they have access to a wealth of information to help them get the most from their coverage. Here’s a countdown of 10 reasons your employees should visit their member website:

  1. Break those bad habits (or make new good ones).
    Many websites have tools to help members improve their health, including confidential online health assessments, wellness programs, virtual coaching and tools to set goals and record progress toward reaching them. The best part is that your employees can use these online tools in the comfort of their homes, at any times that are convenient for them.
  2. Challenge your doctor’s medical knowledge.Many insurers partner with experts, such as WebMD® and Healthwise®, to provide information about health topics. Members can learn just about anything they want to know about lab tests, medications, procedures and surgeries, so they can be well informed and ask the right questions when they visit their doctors and specialists.
  3. Become an EOB expert.
    Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs) show members if they are responsible for a payment (such as a copayment, coinsurance or deductible) or if a service is denied. Reviewing their EOBs gives members the opportunity to make sure all benefits and costs are charged correctly. No, an EOB is not a bill. If there are costs that need to be paid, the member’s provider will send a bill separately.
  4. Spend more wisely.
    Online cost-estimating tools let members compare the costs of various non-emergency medical procedures, based on the providers they choose. By comparing and considering costs when they’re deciding which doctor or hospital to use, members may be able to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring quality care.
  5. Get a benefits refresher.
    Few members read their benefit books thoroughly – until they need to use their benefits. Members should know that they can always check their online benefits book to see what their plan does and does not cover.
  6. View health history.
    Online personal health records let members keep track of their health over time, including a summary of their health information from participating providers. It’s a convenient way to track procedures, doctor’s visits, medications and more.
  7. Go green and save some trees.
    Members who prefer electronic communications instead of printed ones in the mail may be able to sign up on their health plan’s website. Members may also be able to indicate other communication preferences, including their preferred contact phone number, what times are best to get calls, their email address and if they need TTY information or help because their English is limited.
  8. Learn how to manage a condition or illness
    Many member websites include a wealth of information to help members better manage their health conditions, like diabetes or asthma. They can become more knowledgeable about handling their symptoms, stay on top of the latest treatment options, and learn ways to help improve their quality of life.
  9. Start or manage a Health Savings Account.
    Members who have a certain type of plan, such as a qualified High Deductible Health Plan, may be able to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for health-related costs –often at a pre-tax rate –and enroll in and manage their HSA on the member website.
  10. Find Dr. Right.
    Members can usually locate network providers on their member website. They can narrow their search by distance from home, specialty and the insurance plans the doctor accepts. Some websites even let members rate and review doctors, medical facilities, specialists and more. It’s a great way to see what others think about the providers in your area.