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9 Ways Your Employees Can Save on RX Costs


It’s no secret that prescription drugs are getting more expensive.

Did you know that prescriptions account for more than 20% of health care costs?

These tips can help you save money the next time you need a prescription.

1. Check what drugs your plan covers You can review your plan’s list of covered drugs (called a formulary). If you need help, call your plan’s customer service.

2. Use Generic Drugs
Ask for generic drugs when possible. These drugs contain the same active ingredients. They have the same strength, safety, quality, and dosage as brand name drugs. And they cost 30−80% less.

3. Use Your Mail Order Option
If you take a medicine on an ongoing basis, order through your plan’s online mail-order service. This can cost less than buying at a retail pharmacy. What’s more, your prescriptions are delivered right to your home. This can save you time and hassle.

4. Stay In-Network
Prescription drugs are usually only covered at in-network pharmacies. Find out which ones are near you. If you use a non-network pharmacy, you’ll pay more.

5. Take Advantage of Deals for Specialty Drugs
Check if your plan has special deals with certain pharmacies. They can help you save on these drugs. Also, check to see if the pharmacy you use now has any special deals.

6. Take Your Medicines as Prescribed
Don’t skip doses or stop taking your medicine without talking to your doctor.

7. Consider Your Dosage
One 20 mg pill may cost less than two 10 mg pills. Ask your doctor if an alternative dose will work.

8. Talk with Your Doctor
Review your medicines periodically with your doctor. Check with your pharmacist when it’s time to renew a prescription. A generic may have become available since your first prescription.

9. Check Your Member Website
Your health insurance provider’s website may have answers to many of the above questions. Save yourself some time and effort and see how much you can learn online.