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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Wellness Program

More than 50% of U.S. companies offer wellness programs to foster healthy, happy, and productive employees. You get the most value from your program when you get more employees to participate. Here’s how:

Involve Your Leadership

A company’s culture is key to maximizing employee participation in wellness. That culture starts at the top. It helps when leadership models good wellness behaviors. From policies to work activities, a healthy company integrates wellness into all business practices.

Consider these ideas:

  • Show a video of your CEO participating in wellness activities and events.
  • Take time for lunch, schedule walking meetings, and set tech boundaries.
  • Tell employees it’s OK to take a stretch break, go for a walk, or use the gym.

Provide Worksite Ambassadors

Include support at all levels of your company. Provide wellness ambassadors. They act as a liaison between management and employees.

As a direct link to employees, ambassadors offer valuable feedback. They let you know which aspects of wellness are important to employees, how to increase access to activities, and how to make the best use of resources.

Consider these ideas:

  • Form a health committee with representatives from across the organization.
  • Select wellness champions to act as coaches.
  • Keep your program fun and convenient (i.e., hold a healthy food day).



Employees must know about your programs in order to participate in them. A single flier is not enough to cut through today’s information overload.

Make sure you clearly state details and use a variety of vehicles. Include the standard who, what, when, where, why, and how. Employees need to know what the program is, how it works, any reward details, and timing. Let your employees know why improved well-being is good for them and your business.

Consider these ideas:

  • Use a variety of tools (fliers, intranet, email, face-to-face announcements).
  • Post reminders in common areas or use social media.
  • Provide a tool for feedback and evaluation.


Employers who truly embrace wellness create a workplace where both the organization and employees thrive.

Involve your leadership. They are key to modeling your business culture. Empower wellness ambassadors. They are the direct link to your employees. Communicate clearly and often using a variety of tools.

By jumpstarting your wellness program, you can increase productivity, attract the best employees, and boost your bottom line.